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The PIF TICK is the only UK quality mark for trusted health information

When you see the PIF TICK on leaflets, websites, apps or videos it shows an organisation’s health information production process has been independently assessed. Members must show they meet 10 key steps to gain accreditation. The Patient Information Forum (PIF) runs the scheme.

Why it is important

With so much health information out there, it can be hard to know what to trust. The PIF TICK is a sign of health information you can trust.

People wanted a simple and easy way to recognise information which is:

Evidence based
Written in plain language
Produced by trained staff

To display a TICK, members must show their health information production process is robust. It must meet 10 key steps. This helps you know the information can be trusted. Find out more about the steps and how they are assessed here.

Having access to trustworthy health information helps you:

Be more involved in your care
Get the right support
Manage your health

View our guide on finding trusted health information here. We also offer guides on spotting false information, understanding evidence, patient data and BMI.

Why is the PIF TICK important?

Patients and members tell us why they believe the TICK is important.

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