Find health information you can trust

Finding trusted health information can be hard. When you see the PIF TICK you know that organisation is a Trusted Information Creator. This means they meet 10 key steps to produce reliable, evidence-based information.

As well as looking for the PIF TICK, there are some other simple ways to make sure you can trust the health information you are reading, watching or listening to.

Below are some simple guides to help you get started. We have also shared some resources from trusted sources.

Tips and guides

Find out how to spot health information you can trust with our top tips. View PIF TICK guides online or download them for free.

This image shows simplified versions of the covers of two of our top tips sheets – Finding trusted health information and How to spot false health information

Patient interviews

Patients tell us why health information they can trust matters.

Quiz yourself with the World Health Organisation

Identify the red flags of misinformation and what to do about it with the World Health Organisation. Quiz yourself today on Kahoot!

Illustration by Drawing Change for the World Health Organisation reading 'infodemic' with a confused man walking into lots of information.

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