Contact the PIF TICK team

Find out how to contact the PIF TICK team and share your experience.

Contact the PIF TICK team

We take all forms of feedback seriously and treat it as an opportunity to develop. This is why we are always grateful to hear from you. A member of the team will log feedback and respond.

You can send feedback via If your complaint leads to changes to our website or information we will advise you of the changes. Member organisations have their own feedback policies.

Information for organisations on joining the PIF TICK can be found here.

Feedback and questions

Feedback process

  • All feedback is recorded. 
  • If an issue needs a response we will reply within 10 working days.
  • We may ask for additional information.
  • If we need to make changes to our website we will discuss feedback internally and inform you of any changes we will be making.

Member organisations have their own feedback policies. If you have feedback on their resources please contact the member organisation directly. If you do not get a suitable response you can then email us at

All our member organisations must log feedback and deal with issues appropriately. If this process has not been followed they may require reassessment early or additional action may be taken to rectify the situation.