Meet our new Trusted Information Creators

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Meet our new Trusted Information Creators

Tommy’s, Cognitant Healthinote, the UK Paruresis Trust, Brainstrust

Four new organisations have become Trusted Information creators this month.

Tommy’s, Cognitant, the UK Paruresis Trust (UKPT) and Brainstrust passed our independent assessment to gain their PIF TICK this month.

Tommy’s gained the PIF TICK for its PregnancyHub. The midwife-led hub covers everything you need to know about having a safe and healthy pregnancy.

Cognitant Healthinote is a platform for doctors, nurses and pharmacists to share trusted health information with their patients.

UKPT supports people with shy bladder syndrome. It offers information about the condition and a moderated forum for people to share their experiences.

Brainstrust provides personalised support to help people live with a brain tumour.

New PIF TICK sign ups

The following members have signed up to the PIF TICK this month:

The following members have been recertified this month:

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Five members gain PIF TICK in July

Babbu, Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation, Kidney Care UK, Melanoma Focus and Tuberous Sclerosis Association gain PIF TICK.