New Trusted Information Creators in May

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Six new PIF TICK accreditations in May

British Nutrition Foundation, Cuttsy+Cuttsy, Monkey Wellbeing, MS Society, PKD Charity, Steps Charity Worldwide

Six new members gained their PIF TICK accreditation in May. Our new Trusted Information Creators are:

  • British Nutrition Foundation
  • Cuttsy+Cuttsy
  • Monkey Wellbeing
  • MS Society
  • PKD Charity
  • Steps Charity Worldwide

In total, 70 organisations have now passed a robust independent assessment to gain the PIF TICK.

Cuttsy+Cuttsy is one of the first healthcare communication agencies to gain the PIF TICK.

Content director Liz Walder PhD said: “It is wonderful to have earned an accreditation that aligns so seamlessly with our values as a company.

“Our determination to provide trusted and accessible health information for healthcare professionals through to patients has always been there. But now we have a PIF TICK to guide them to it too.”

What our Trusted Information Creators do

The British Nutrition Foundation provides evidence-based information to help people adopt healthy diets for life.

Monkey Wellbeing storybooks support children through new and challenging experiences like going into hospital and starting school.

MS Society is the UK’s largest charity for people affected by multiple sclerosis. It provides information on accessing care and support, symptoms and treatment.

PKD Charity is dedicated to improving the lives of an estimated 70,000 people affected by polycystic kidney disease (PKD) in the UK.

Steps Charity Worldwide works for all those whose lives are affected by childhood lower limb conditions. It aims to value and support individuals, families and carers.

New sign ups and recertified members

The following members have signed up to the PIF TICK this month:

The following members have been recertified this month:

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Five members gain PIF TICK in July

Babbu, Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation, Kidney Care UK, Melanoma Focus and Tuberous Sclerosis Association gain PIF TICK.