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Three new organisations gain PIF TICK

ALK Positive UK, Ovum, The Pituitary Foundation

ALK Positive UK, Ovum and The Pituitary Foundation are the latest organisations to gain the PIF TICK.

They became Trusted Information Creators in September and October 2023.

ALK Positive UK is a registered charity established by patients, their families and friends. It provides information and support for those affected by ALK-positive lung cancer.

Ovum provides information on female fertility, including myth-buster articles.

The Pituitary Foundation has information and support for people affected by pituitary conditions.

New sign ups and recertified PIF TICK members

The following organisations signed up to the PIF TICK in September and October 2023:

The following members were recertified in September and October 2023:

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Five members gain PIF TICK in July

Babbu, Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation, Kidney Care UK, Melanoma Focus and Tuberous Sclerosis Association gain PIF TICK.