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Finding trusted health information

How to find trusted health information. When searching for health information ask yourself these questions.  They will help you decide if the information can be trusted.

Bubble with PIF TICK logo inside. Looking for the PIF TICK is one way to find trusted health information.

Does it have the PIF TICK?

The PIF TICK lets you know health information has been produced to meet 10 key steps. These include that it is evidence based and easy to use.

Bubble with a calendar and a tick inside it.

Is there a date?

Medical advice changes over time so make sure the information you get is up to date. Websites and leaflets providing trusted health information should include a publication and review date. PIF TICK guidelines recommend reviewing information at least every three years.

Two bubbles with a question mark and an information 'i' inside.

Who produced it?

Knowing who produced the information can help you understand why they produced it. Is it produced by a trusted organisation? What is it for? To inform you or to sell you something?

Bubble with an 'A' and dotted line inside.

Does it look professional?

Check for spelling errors and make sure links work.

Bubble with a document and magnifying glass and a tick inside.

Is it trying to sell you something?

Some health information can help you choose which treatment or medical device is right for you. This should give a balanced view of risks and benefits. If the information is all positive or seems to be trying to sell you something you should be more wary.

Bubble with sources and arrows pointing in one direction to indicate evidence for trusted health information.

Does it include sources or references?

If someone says they have evidence they should provide the sources to support this.

Bubble with a thumbs up inside.

Is it backed by other organisations?

Check if the information is created or endorsed by an organisation you trust. For example, the NHS, a large charity or a company with a good reputation.

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Finding trusted health information – tips on how to find trusted health information.

Published: June 2021
Reviewed: August 2023
Next review date: August 2026

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