Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust gains PIF TICK

The Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust logo includes the name and an illustration of a ladybird.

Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust gains PIF TICK


The Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust has gained its PIF TICK.

The charity had to meet 10 key steps to become a trusted information creator.

Director Dr Jen Kelly said: “Gaining the PIF TICK shows we have a strong process for developing our health information resources.

“With so much information online, it can be difficult to know what to trust.

“This quality mark is a quick and easy way for people to be assured our information is reliable and trustworthy.

“Writing the best possible, reliable information is so important to the families and care teams that we support so we are proud to have received this important accreditation.”

The charity raises awareness and funds research into rare childhood cancers.

It produces educational materials and provides support to families.

PIF TICK manager Dan Wills said: “We are thrilled to welcome the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust to our ever-growing community of accredited PIF TICK members.

“Accurate, accessible, evidence-based information is key to increasing patient empowerment and improving health outcomes.”

New organisations join PIF TICK

September has also seen several new organisations sign up to the PIF TICK including:

They will now go through the assessment process to gain the PIF TICK.

The following members have also been recertified this month:

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