Myrovlytis Trust gains PIF TICK

Illustration of logos and PIF TICK

Myrovlytis Trust gains PIF TICK

Meet our latest Trusted Information Creator

January was a busy month for the PIF TICK with new sign ups and Myrovlytis Trust gaining its Trusted Information Creator status.

The charity, founded in 2007, aims to:

  • Promote research into rare disorders
  • Advance understanding of medical and molecular genetics
  • Pursue new technologies enabling treatment

New PIF TICK sign ups

The following members have signed up to the PIF TICK this month:

The following members have been recertified this month:

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Five members gain PIF TICK in July

Babbu, Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation, Kidney Care UK, Melanoma Focus and Tuberous Sclerosis Association gain PIF TICK.