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New PIF TICK page for healthcare professionals

Trusted health information toolkit

A new PIF TICK toolkit aims to help healthcare professionals provide trusted information to their patients.

A 2022 survey found more than half of healthcare professionals had difficulty sourcing reliable health information to share with patients.

The new PIF TICK toolkit helps tackle that challenge.

It includes a directory of more than 85 Trusted Information Creators, sorted by therapy area.

Every organisation has undergone an independent-assessment of their production process.

Signposting trusted health information

Sue Farrington, chair of PIF, said: “We know from the recent COVID-19 crisis and the proliferation of opinion on social media platforms how disinformation can spread.

“At a time when our healthcare system is stretched, it becomes even more important that healthcare professionals can have confidence in being able to signpost trusted information.”

Dr Juhi Tandon, GP and co-founder of Cognitant Group, said: “As doctors, we want to encourage our patients to play a more participatory role in their health and empower them with the tools needed to better self-manage their care.

“This starts with trusted health information.”

Tackling misinformation

The WHO has identified credibility marks, including the PIF TICK, as part of the solution to misinformation.

Its 2022 report also noted the important role of healthcare professionals in signposting trusted information.

The TRIP database, Healthinote and HCI video use the PIF TICK to verify trusted health information.

NHSE used the PIF TICK criteria as the basis of its new content standard.

Dr Michael Hughes, consultant rheumatologist, said: “All patients need access to reliable, high-quality, and readable information from their initial diagnosis and throughout the course of their disease.

“The PIF TICK is a trusted reassurance that clinicians are signposting patients to high-quality and assured information.”

Patient-facing resources

As well as the directory of certified organisations, the new toolkit features patient factsheets.

These cover topics including spotting false health information, BMI and clinical evidence.

Dr Knut Schroeder, GP, said: “Our patients need easy access to trusted health information to make good decisions about their health and wellbeing.

“The PIF TICK makes it really easy for you to spot certified producers of reliable health information and signpost your patients to trusted resources.

“Use the PIF TICK to help people avoid misinformation.”

Find out more and download the toolkit at

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