New members gain PIF TICK

Epilepsy Action logo. Epilepsy Action was one of the new members to gain the PIF TICK in November 2021.

New members gain PIF TICK in November 2021

College of Optometrists, Epilepsy Action, FCB Health Europe, Well Pharmacy

Four new members have gained their PIF TICK accreditation this month.

College of Optometrists, Epilepsy Action, FCB Health Europe and Well Pharmacy all now have Trusted Information Creator status.

The College of Optometrists is the professional body for optometry – specialist eye care.

Epilepsy Action provides expert advice to people with epilepsy and their families.

It also runs public-awareness campaigns and helps fund research.

FCB Health Europe is a creative health advertising network.

Well Pharmacy is the third-largest pharmacy chain in the UK.

PIF TICK manager Dan Wills said: “November has been a busy month with four organisations gaining their PIF TICK.

“It is fantastic our scheme continues to grow to offer patients access to more trusted health information.”

New organisations join PIF TICK

November has also seen several new organisations sign up to the PIF TICK including:

The following members have also been recertified this month:

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