Being Induced survey results

Being Induced report: How we can improve induction information

PIF, Bliss, Tommy’s

A new report calls for better information about induction of labour. Maternity Decisions: Being Induced is based on survey responses from more than 2,000 women.

One in three pregnancies are induced in Great Britain.

In August PIF held an online survey to see if women were getting the information they need.

We worked with maternity charities including Tommy’s, Bliss and Birthrights.

The survey found:

  • Fear of induction is the second biggest birth concern
  • Half of women do not have enough information to make an informed choice
  • 4 in 10 feel information lacks detail
  • Women want more statistics on risks and benefits
  • Some women describe feeling ‘coerced’ or bullied

What women want

Women identified 5 key ways induction information could improve:

  • Including more statistics on risks, benefits and alternatives to induction
  • Letting women know they have a right to choose and give informed consent
  • Having supportive conversations
  • Giving more detail on the timeline of induction
  • Making realistic birth plans earlier in pregnancy

PIF Chair Sue Farrington said: “The women who completed the survey were very clear about the need to have better quality, evidence-based, data-led information to help them have a supportive conversation.”

Being Induced: Improving information

As a result of the survey, PIF has made 7 recommendations to empower women giving birth:

  1. Support trusts and local maternity systems to make personalised care and support planning guidance a reality
  2. Improve risk and benefit communication
  3. Embed women’s right to choose through the use of consistent national decision support tools
  4. Signpost women to other trusted sources of information and support
  5. Respond to women’s local information needs
  6. Change NHS Birth plan template to include options for induction of labour
  7. Produce information in plain language and use jargon busters for medical terms

Click here to read the full report and see the recommendations in full.

Norgine provided partial funding to support the survey.

Finding trusted information

Women ranked online information as their second most trusted source in the survey.

Looking for the PIF TICK can help you identify trusted health information.

Tommy’s is currently undergoing PIF TICK assessment. Click here to access Tommy’s information on inducing labour.

Trusted Information Creator Bliss offers advice and support for families whose babes are born sick or premature. Click here to visit the Bliss site.

View all our PIF TICK accredited members here.

Birthrights offers advice about rights in pregnancy and childbirth. Click here to access support.

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