Eight organisations join PIF TICK in November 2022

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Eight organisations join PIF TICK in November 2022

ALK Positive, Guts UK, Kidney Care UK, Melanoma Focus, OcuMel UK, Parkinson’s UK, Royal College of Psychiatrists, Terrence Higgins Trust

Eight organisations have applied to join the PIF TICK this November.

ALK Positive is a patient-driven organisation, dedicated to improving the life expectancy and quality of life for ALK-positive patients.

Guts UK is committed to fighting all digestive disorders, providing information for patients and funding research.

Kidney Care UK provides kidney patients with practical, emotional and financial help.

Melanoma Focus is a national charity dedicated to providing help and support to melanoma patients and healthcare professionals.

OcuMel UK is a charity run by eye cancer patients and family members. It provides support for anyone affected by ocular melanoma.

Parkinson’s UK funds research and provides information for people affected by Parkinson’s.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists is the professional medical body responsible for supporting psychiatrists throughout their careers. It also provides information about mental health care.

Terrence Higgins Trust is the UK’s leading HIV and sexual health charity. It supports people to achive good sexual health.

All eight organisations will now have to show they meet 10 key steps before being awarded their PIF TICK.

Find out more about how the PIF TICK works here.

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